Saturday, 21 February 2015

Plane selling Selling from the floor ,Pitching from the Pavement Plane . Gillette Flexball on parade

Evolution ever continues ever a pace.

Have you have noticed this particular change in Homo Erectus Londinium?

The I-phone / smart phone addiction is causing a change in the physical  deportment of 2015 Londoners.

Heads are more often than not now are set in a downward orientation.

Advertisers have cottoned onto this and have taken to placing advertisement on the pavements particularly in heavy traffic areas such as the atrium at Waterloo main line station. 

Take a look at the ad campaign from P and G's  Gillette campaign for their new Fusion Proglide Flexball razor.
1. The cyclist is checking his smart phone ,
 but in his peripheral vision
he must pick up the Gillette advert
2. Doddle and Gillette compete for floor space

3. Should you head be tilted upwards -
e.g. to look at the arrivals or departures boards,
 the huge banners will attract your attention

4. Need to pop in to Boots Pharmacy? ( Drugstore)
Gillette have created a grand entrance arch flanked by cardboard guards
 to greet you as you enter the store on for the branch at Waterloo Station

5. POS  Point-of-Sale -like sentry guards
 along the entrance walls
to the Boots store at Waterloo Station.
Standing to attention Gillette's cardboard sentry guards
from the Clean cut 'Flexball' Regiment.

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