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Sales Success Formula lessons from F1 Words, Formulae and Success

Following Nico Rosberg and Mercedes victory in the first race of the new season at the Australian Grand Prix on March what will happen next on April 3 in Bahrain ? 

The word Formula of Formula 1 or the letter F  in F1 is the classification of a racing car especially by its engine size. 

Winning's matter of luck - ask any loser !

They say that you make your luck since luck is where preparation meets opportunity.

I guess there is a huge amount of preparation for a Grand Prix race.

Rather than chancing our selling arm to luck  perhaps we should use the disciplined approach of PROCESS akin to the workings of a Formula I racing team. 

"What people tend to forget is the journey that I had getting to Formula One. There were plenty of years where I had to learn about losing and having bad races."               Lewis Hamilton

 Formula is also a word used by Chemists/Scientists as an expression of symbols to represent or describe substance’s composition and processes.  

So we here is One Formula  for Selling Success.

Sales Success =
Concern X Power X Vision X ValueControl

 Concern      Has your Client admitted to you their critical business issues? Have you diagnosed their needs, wants, opinions, attitude, concerns, problems e.g Sluggish  sales,
Good questioning  helps to unearth those buyer concerns..

Next in the formula comes Power  

Does your client have influence and authority to make a buying decision ?

Through your understanding of the Client Relationships and Personality you can identify the Driver, Amiable, Expressive and Analytical  patterns of buyers. 

You learn how to adjust your behaviour  in order to convey your Vision in a persuasive, motivational and flexible way so that your buyer shares your view of a business  solution

At the core of all success in  your selling sits the key constituent of Value.   

Is  your distinctive value proposition compelling ?
Do they see value in your proposed solution?
Does your Buyer agree with this?  
Do they “buy in” into this value?

The final constituent of our formula is Control

Are you able to exert elements of control over the buying process? 

There are two key control elements of the six stage selling model. 

The steering wheel  and brakes of objection handling skills to weave around those hairpin bends of Price Objections or the chicanes of delivery, bad past experience, resistance to change etc.

The other controls we hone our skills on today are the accelerator ( gas pedal ) and the throttle of closing skills to get you through the finishing line.

So there you have it.

 An effective and simple formula for you to qualify, measure and exploit your sales opportunities during 2016 and beyond so that you earn the rewards of the chequered flags and top position on the podium in your Grand Prix races for the coming season.

In 1976 ,The Formula 1 championship  season was won by an Englishman called James Hunt.

I was at School with him for a term. He was five years older.  His last race in formula  one was at this Monaco circuit in 1979. 

cover11.jpg (2000×1334)
Photo captured from Supercompressor site1978 
James Hunt wearing his Old School Colours
Orange, Blue and Yellow on a black background

On his racing helmet he had the School Colours ( OWs). The school motto is a good one for salespeople and winners of all sorts.

“Fortune favours the brave!”

It is unwise to rely on luck in selling but a little good fortune helps of course.

Go Lewis Go!

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