Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Should our family values or personal values differ from business values? #TheNewDay

Should our family values or personal values differ from business values?

‘Do as I say, not as I do’ has been a mantra on morals and ethics for years from the older generation ( parents) to the younger. It may be realistic , even practical, but is essentially hypocritical and in some cases most unjust.

People often describe their behaviour changes in life as wearing different hats. E.g. wearing my ‘parent’s hat,  my ‘work hat’, my ‘manager’s hat’. In the early days of social media salespeople would wear a business hat and use Linked in and the personal hat on Facebook.

Millennials tended to conflate the personal and commercial from the start. Indeed being suited or booted for work is less so today. Even uniformed male baristas in the coffee chains may disport the corporate T shirt still wear their work jeans below the hips to model their favoured branded underpants.

A survey of modern manners revealed in the New Day newspaper the results of a survey commissioned by Beko – the Turkish owned white goods manufacturers. 2,000 British families were studied.

76% said having good table manners.  66% not talking with your mouth full ? 58% Washing your hands before eating. 46% No gadgets on the table  Does that still hold true in lunch meetings ?

73% being honest and truthful What would be the % in the business environment  I wonder?

69% respecting your elders? In our business era of the Internet age does such deference still exist ?

i-weekend number 1658 and
new kid on the block issue 15 of The New Day
43% being a team player. How important is it in business to be a team player. A salesperson is expected to collaborate with sales support and co workers yet is set in competition against others through individual targets set by management.

40 % Looking someone in the eye.  In Sales the importance of trust between buyer and seller

38% Thank you emails (for presents)  How good are our thanks you in the office, at meetings with clients.

Saturday's edition of the i weekend had a quote of Oscar Wilde that seems pertinent

"I like persons better than principles, and I like persons with no principles better than anything else in the world"

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