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10 tips to increase the number of meaningful contacts

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 No. 2

How to increase the number of meaningful  sales contacts

Are you are after more meaningful contacts in your selling ?

I doubt there are any are surprises below but just ask yourself

When was the last time you actually

1.       …exchanged cards and given the other person two cards. One for them and a spare for them to pass on to other influencers or decision makers in their company? ( More decisions  today are made by groups of people)

2.      …pro-actively used  social media, followed their twitter, liked their posts, shared their posts, recommended their posts?

3.      …connected others other to others with no immediate benefit to you? (What goes round comes around)

4.      …used your institute /club membership to meet more folk ? ( So often  subscriptions are not renewed because we never made enough use of memberships)

5.      …get a prospect to draw their company organisation chart on a plain sheet of paper ? amazing what extra information this bring to you.

6.      …ask for an organogram / organisation chart of the client company ? this often can indicate corporate culture particularly if the prospect says it does not fully explain how things work in their company !

7.      … used Linked In for an introduction ? - working the degrees of separation ( connection principle.

8.      …saw this thought of you ? ( Send a link, a news cutting to a client /prospect on a subject you reckon they will be interested in) - the law of reciprocity will work to your favour over time.

9.      …..who else should I be seeing ? ( One of the most productive questions to ask if you remember to keep on asking it) You might like to precede the question with "Apart from yourself, who else...."

10.   …you did not have a business card on you ?  It can happen ! So keep a small stock on your wallet /handbag /travel card holder at all times.

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