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How to work the room at Networking Events

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How to work the room at Networking Events


·         Always carry business cards with you and make notes on the cards you collect to jog your memory when following up with a contact you have met.

·         Remember the focus of networking is to establish mutual interest and build connections.

·         Paradoxically everybody at a networking event wants to sell. Yet successful networking requires you to buy as well as sell, to share information as well as gather it

·         Remember that networking like much in marketing is not a quick fix but part of a longer term strategy.

·         Try to select those events that will attract your customers or people they want to get to know.

·         You need time to build trust and cultivate relationships before a prospect can be converted into a sale.

·         The more networking events you attend the more likely you will build up relationships and gain visibility.


·         Listen to other people’s needs with the aim to help.

·         Express succinctly what your organisation offers.

·         Don’t spend too much time with one person.

·         Aim to spend 70% of your time with people you don not already know.


·         Keep up the momentum by following up your contacts you have made within 24hrs.

·         Tailor each follow up highlighting  your conversation at the event

·         If you didn’t get the chance to meet a particular person why not drop them a line after the event ( remember that they may have been on the list but did not attend)


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