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Sales Networking charming your prospect birds out from the trees

Learning to Charm the birds out of the trees

Click here for the robin singing
robin in a holly tree in Cremorne gardens Chelsea Embankment ,London

Spring has eventually come to London this year. The trees of the streets are bursting with pretty blossom.

You can hear the birds twittering but it takes a while to spot them in among the branches of the trees.

Once spotted you need to keep still in order to capture them with the click of the camera shutter.

The zoom on my Fujifilm was just enough to capture this robin and record its song on my you tube channel.

The skill in capturing birds on film got me thinking that it is quite a similar activity to what we do at networking events. We are quasi bird catchers.

The character Papageno in Mozart’s Opera The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflote) is a bird catcher.

 He charms the birds with his pan pipes and magical bells.

As networkers it is your challenge to charm your birds from your networking branches into your cage.

Perhaps you could envision in your mind , your business card capture or sales leads  as the birds for our  networking cage.

Poster for the current production of Mozart's "Magic Flute"
 at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
In your networking aviary you may encounter a number of different avian  personalities perhaps rather more exotic than robins !

This a playful set of descriptions not to be taken too seriously but then again you might encounter them...

Avoid the social side of networking.  Ostriches are there but don’t want to join in. They will not approach you, but can still be valuable if you can manage to get their heads out of the sand !
Know who they want to speak to. Spot their victims from a distance and swoop fast when the opportunity arises !

Owls are wise but silent. They listen much more than they talk but they usually get the information they need.


They provide quantity of noise rather than quality! These birds can be difficult to get away from although sometimes attractive and amusing.


Kookaburras birds are also known as ‘laughing jackasses’. This is a good description of their contribution !


Clever, high profile and aggressive. 

In the classic film The Birds  Seagulls provide the terror for film director  Alfred Hitchcock .

 Their aggressiveness  takes over any conversation or person they feel will be useful to them and push smaller birds out of their way.


Confident, assertive, far sighted.  Eagles prepare well and survey the scene carefully, make intelligent decisions, and with carefully executed manoeuvres catch their prey.
Introductions, referrals, recommendations and ‘word of mouth advertising’ are the most effective, and most cost-effective, methods of new business acquisition in many markets.

Although salespeople cannot directly control them, or guarantee them, you can greatly increase your chances of benefiting from all of them by successful networking.

Good Luck and Good selling my fellow P-P-Papagenos and P-P-Papagenas

Papegeno and Papagena duet You Tube clip

The maestro at work:
Aleksandr charming Nina at a Southwest
London Business Biscotii meeting

Blackbird singing in a London Street SW6

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