Thursday, 4 April 2013

Are Networking Clubs worth the bother for Salespeople ?

Networking clubs : why bother ?

Many salespeople hold that business networking is a more cost-effective method of generating new business than advertising or public relations efforts.

 This is because business networking is a low-cost activity that involves more personal commitment than company money.
For example, a business network may agree to meet weekly or monthly with the purpose of exchanging business leads and referrals with fellow members.
It's not unusual for members to meet outside this circle, in their own time, and build their own one-to-one  business relationship with a fellow member.

A Business Networking meeting facilitates groups of like-minded businesspeople to recognise, create, or act upon sales opportunities.

Sales Professionals who wish to demonstrate their presentation skills can attend both general and focused events.

 Many sales professionals prefer face-to-face networking over on line based networking such as Linked In forums  because the potential for higher quality relationships are possible.

 In addition many individuals prefer face-to-face because people tend to prefer to  actually know and meet with those they intend to do business .

Face to face business networking is often facilitated by referral networking clubs
There are several prominent business networking organisations that create models of networking activity that, when followed, allow the business person to build new business relationships and generate business opportunities at the same time.

Networking a 5 stage method
Here are some of the best of the on-line and reality networking clubs and resources worth looking at.   dynamic business networking community that powerfully combines local group meetings, with online business networking and real life  Facebook for business  Some business clubs among its huge menu of offerings Rotary International of Great Britain and Ireland  Federation of Small Business  British Chamber of Commerce ( replaces Directgov and Business Link) Business and Self Employed  Smarta  A  business support and advice network for start-ups, small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Social and Business  Networking 4 business  On line guide to events

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