Sunday, 2 January 2011

Aleksandr Orlov- Intrepid Tourist Shoppings in London

Whilst Comrade Appeal is on vacations I Aleksandr Orlov am taking care of blog in his absencings.

(This is unoffical and unauthorised account by Dobry Utrio ("D.O") Magazine ( like British Hello Matey magazine). D.O. owned by Moghul of media proprietorial Meerdoch Roopeert.) For official sites... and Click for Official site trading name of BISL Ltd

London is Meerca for shoppings therapy.

The West endings area full of quaint specialist shops with appointings by Royal British Family.

Just stone's throwing from Royal Palace of St. James.

Smart green velvet hat to go with my smokings jacket and fashionable cravat when back in comforting drawings room in Orlov mansion.

This Lock shop is best hat shop in St. James'

(Note distinction white hat boxings)

Click for James Lock & Co - Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s hats and caps

Natty slipper at handmade cobbler Lobb shop in St. James posh area.

They will go well with my stylish cravat.

Best quality only good enough for meerkat superstar.

Click for John Lobb – makers of fine shoes & boots

London has no juicy grubs but I find here store that sell Caviar. Remind me of home.

Must remember to get tin for Sergei. Fish balls good for brainys like Sergei. Now to find blinis.

At last find cocktailings shaker for my vodka and beetle juice martinis.

Sergei also like Vodka and beetle juice cocktailings but his typing go wonky after tii meerny martoonis!

Here I enter exclusive store with no price tags. Doormat very classy.

This store says if you have to ask price you probably cannot afford item.

Different consumer culture when most meerkats live in world of market comparings nowadays.

Click for Asprey

Here I am in old fashioned auction house Sotheby's. This is how auctions were conduct before ebay and modern compare sites like my iconic business. This old system conclude bidding when man with gavel hammer strikes table. Quaint English system!

Click for Sotheby’s

Here the Sotheby's staff take the picture of horses that I bought for the Snooker Room at Orlov mansion. Sotheby's had no pictures of meerkats but this horses picture was nice enough but a lot of roubles and plenty kopeks.

The apartments and mansions of famous peoples in London are marked by a Blue Plaque.

Here I look at blue plaque of best balalaika player world has ever known. His song "Purple Haze" when he was with his "Experiences" is one of favourite songs.
.Song is known for use of "Hendrixsky chord" (dominanting 7 # 9) played as the first chord after introduction. Risky lyrics " ...'scuse me while I kiss this meerkat" puzzles Sergei.

Song remind me of when revered ancestor Vitaly was awarded Order of the Purple claw.

I will inaugurate Purple Plaque system for my mansion which is many years ancient.

Iconic black hansom taxi- cabs are good way for superstar meerkat to travel around metropolis of London. Also excellent way to carry plenty bargains back to my hotel.

All this shop from store to store very tiring.

Fortunately hotel suite has soothing jacuzzi bath. Sergei already preparings this for me.

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