Saturday, 15 January 2011

Alexandr Orlov in Seville, Spain

I am stowaway in Comrade Appeal's baggagings. I am off to Sunny Spain . Viva Espana.

On the Iberia Ailrines they have very beautiful young ladies with trolleys with drinkings and snackings but no Gekko sandwich with extra millipede mustard, stag beetle and cheese panini, nor centipede with mayfly mustard (but not too much with the mustards as it is make me windy).

Ah this is the simples life!

Luxury flyings much quicker than the intrepid sea journey my ancestor Kefentse had on his epic journey of courageousness .

I watched enraptured by Comrade Appeal doing his "Trainings thing" for the Conquistador's syndicate team at the Esselte training in Seville at the Melia Hotel/ Conferencings centre.

He used me Alexandr Orlov brandings hero as an example of branding success in a competitive market place like compare the market insurance site not to be confused with my brilliant site.

Here I am walking over the bridge that crossses the little canal at the plaza de Espana with its ceramic tilings.

When I get back to Orlov Mansion I must commisssion my own canal in front courtyard like here.

The beautiful ceramic ballustradings with in the background the Alcoves of all the districts of Spain illustrated with interestings histories. The Plaza de España is building in Maria Luisa Park, in Seville built in 1928 for Ibero-American Expositionings of 1929.

It is landmark example of Moorish Revival style in Spanish architecture.
Plaza de España was used for location shootings some scenes in the films Lawrence of Arabia and Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Maybe I should use this place in my next filmings after stupendous success of "The Journey of Courageousness" and " The streets of ambitiousness"

So I am outside Cigar Factory where is Carmen? No cigars to be seen but lots of hard studying young students with their books and files including some Esselte files!

Torre del Oro - Golden Tower is dodecagonal military watchtower in Seville, southern Spain, built by the Berbers during Almohad dynasty in order to control access to Seville's Guadalquivir river

Constructed in first third of the 13th century, tower served as prison during Middle Agings and as secure enclosure for protection of precious metals. periodically brought by the fleet of the Indies.

The tower is divided into three levels, with third and uppermost being circular in shape and added in 1760.

The city of Seville has over 40,000 orange trees.

The city must smell fantstic at orange blossom time.

Enough now it is back to UK and rainings!

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