Wednesday, 12 January 2011

"Target Growth as One" Esselte Sales Conference -Seville 2011

I am here in Seville with a team of TACK International trainers working with the World's leading global office supplies manufacturer, Esselte.

(Famous for its great brands Esselte, Leitz, Rapid, Xyron etc)

The Sales Conference is being held in the Melia Hotel Conference centre a stone's throw away from the Plaza Espagna.

The Esselte Sales team are on sparkling form. This fantastic group of professional salespeople managed growth for the company last year in what was a very tough market.

Part of their growth has been the acquisition of Rapid.

Speeches have been presented this morning including from Cezary Monko, President of Esselte Europe.Cezary oulined the tremendous work done by the team during 2010 and the successful integration of the Rapid and Esselte businesses.
The Conference theme sums up the Strategy for 2011
" Target Growth as One"

"...Esselte will continue to keep tight control on costs, leverage their Lean processes programme effectively, invest in brands and innovation, drive growth and work as One!"

Lots of exciting things happening at the Conference and TACK are faciltating the Strategy sessions.

Colleagues Simon Cooper, Carole Hudson, Anne Marie Pepin, Neil Parry and Jacobus Onneken and myself are helping team remember,refresh and reveal those key sales skills that keep Esselte Group in an elite team category.

The key here is striving to be an elite but not elitist since Esselte know that to keep on top of their game you need to train and refresh. They are holding to the thoughts from an old Chinese proverb:-

"One who is not satisfied will grow."

The conference is buzzing. There is a great sense of excitement in the room.

It is a real honour to be back working with Esselte whose Sales conferences we have worked with them on for over five years. We hope to further raise their game and they of course will raise ours!
Will keep you posted.....

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  1. It's sounds as if it going to very well Hugh and I am pleased that Esselte are doing so well.
    Hazel, TACK UK