Monday, 3 January 2011


In this new year holiday period, I ,Aleksandr Orlov have been editor for this blog for Mr Appeal.

This postings is Part 2 of my grand tour of London metropolis. Mr Appeal will be back soon.

Here I am posings in front of Blond Boris mayor's castle. He big boss of London and lively character.

Behind me the famous Towers bridge.

Bridge does splitz in middle when tall masted vessels come up Thames.

Here is berthings the City Class Cruiser Ship "The Belfast" This vessel sole survivor of the Arctic convoys that kept Russia supplied and able to fight the Germans during Second World War.

Always new buildings in London.

Behind Tower Kremlin walls is newest block Skyscrapings.

They calling it "Shard". It will be tallest building in London when opened.

London peoples always make fuss about weatherings. Celebrate when snow comes then after only few days going into big sulkings and complainings about cold and slipperiness.
Then when snow melted make artificial ice to skate on below Kremlin known as Tower of London.

Strange citizens!

Here I standings in front of old abbey church where Prince Wills and beautiful Katey to be married.

It will be splendid occasion

Many top VIP peoples going to attend. They will wear 'Top Hat and Tails'. I say I have own tail and am very proud of my meerkat tail. No need for extra tail!

Apparently my nifty dressing gowns and natty smart cravat not suitable attire for royal wedding ceremonies.

All this walking in West Endings of London tiring. So stop off for very refreshings drink of barley water and hop.

This traditional beveraging is known locally as " Nice Pint".

Not as strong as Vodka but pleasant none less.

Fountains in Trafalgar Square in front of national Gallery of Arts Paintings.

Gallery impressive but no pictures of Meerkats to compare.

Column of Nelson very tall. I nearly fall over to see Admiral.

Give me idea to have my own Column like Nelson Horatio in extensive gardens of Orlov mansion back home.

Picture of me trying on crown for special wedding coming up in Spring.

It is very hush hush but I have been invited to attend as most famous meerkat in world.

Have enjoyed my guest editorship of fruitsofsuccesswithhugh blog. Mr Appeal back tomorrow.

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