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" Davos 2011 is not elitist boondoggle - let’s move on from remorsefulness.” Alexandr Orlov speaks at World Economic Forum WEF

I Alexandr Orlov am mixing with other high ups in exclusive club in Switzerland. Rubbings shoulder with likes of pop star Bono and fellow entrepreneur Buffet Warren and Gates Bill but did not see Sugar Alan. Perhaps he not invited!
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Hotel snazzy (like Orlov mansion in Meerkovo), built in 1900 in Art Nouveau style as luxury sanatorium. It was setting for Thomas Mann’s novel “The Magic Mountain”. Building converted later into hotel.

As honoured guest at "Exclusive British Business Leaders lunch.” on Friday 28th January. I tuckings into the lightly pink duck was disappointed I would have preferred a dustmite appetiser,then roast scorpion with cranberry and beetle stuffing but hotel cannot cater for meerkat gourmet like me.

(Delivering my speech at Davos - scroll down for textings of my illustrious speech.)

Chancellor George , who was guest of honour, said "we need to move on when it comes to bankings.” (Much cheerings and murmurings from many Bankers present.)

“Banks still have way to go on Project Merlin and I needings get deal on lendings and remuneratings” stressed Chancellor George.

"hear hear" said Boris London Mayor (of the Boris bikings), who was sitting next to me at top table.

Chancellor George wants deal with banks I think, so that he drawings " line in sand”. Chancellor George said” banker bashings must stop"

Like Diamond Bob’s appearance at Treasury Select Committee maybe banks need to move on from period of remorsefulness.

There was much relief sighing around the dining room and burpings from the duck eatings .

Other interestings points from Chancellor George:
50p tax rate is temporary,
he wants to reduce regulation on business ( very important for comparing meerkats business)
and Budget will be dominated by supply side measures
the Green Investment Bank, as Clegg Nichols revealed recently, is going to get the go-ahead.

(My bodyguard,Sergei at Davos - Sergie in disguise wearing his contact lenses)

It was now my turnings to speak at Davos !

“My fellow meerkats, theme this year is Shared Norms for the New Reality,
reflectings fact is that we live in world becoming increasingly complex and
interconnected but also experiencings erosion of common values and principles.

Is Davos boondoggle or as we Meerkats say a wastings of time and money? Well
that can only be answered by the actionings of our discussions here. ( Much hand

World economy is navigatings uncharted waters in the wake of
global financial crisis. With goal of buildings and sustainings economic growth
in mind.

This Forum is heading its spears to rethink infrastructure development,
reshape responsible capitalism and encourage the free movement of comparable
meerkats and goodies.

Food security and economic crises have highlighted urgent need and potential for developings sustainable food supply such as .

One in six meerkats does not have access to adequate nutrition today. That
makes about a billion meerkats on planet earth today. *

Strengthenings international monetary and financial system is priority in wake of global financial crisis. Our work is focusings on alternative investments, the
development of financial systems, long-term investing, financial governance, as
well as mobile financial services readiness and sustainable lendings

Health for meerkats is one of the World Economic Forum’s key issues due to health's immediate link to our mission of improving the state of world. By engaging leaders, the Forum focuses on three key health-related activities:

and actionings through partnership.

World Economic Forum believes economic progress without social development is not sustainables, while social development without economic progress is not feasibles.

Remember our motto fellow meerkats ‘entrepreneurship in the global meerkat interest’. ( Rapturous applaudings and standing ovations - better than my OSCAR movie triumphs for 'Streets of Ambitiousness' and 'The Journey of Courageousness.')

Now for more brainstormings sessions on leak wiki etc. and chaw chaw plenary sessionings.

. I looking forward to final lunch on Sunday 2.00-14.00 at Schatzalp Hotel maybe Hotel can do scarab beetle burger plus cheese accompanied with mushy fleas.

This report above is totally fictitious and unauthorised hacking of blog - please note and are trading names of BISL Ltd.

* Regrettably the number in reality is one in six humans does not have adequate access to good nutrition. That is a billion fellow human beings.

That sharp and stark number has pricked by conscience.

Should you wish to make a donation to Oxfam while the good and great talk at Davos in 2011 and future meetings of WEF.
Click for donation site for OXFAM

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