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Esselte Sales Conference 2011 the final countdown

One of the privileges of my job is to work with some of the finest salespeople in the world.

Esselte certainly 'walk their talk' and hold their successful salespeople in the highest regard. One way that the top management at Esselte express this is in their annual Sales Awards ceremony.

As in all things Esselte they hold this event with the highest quality and standards. They run it like a Golden Globe Awards or OSCAR ceremony.

This year's ceremony was held at the hacienda El Vizir just outside Seville. As night fell on the Thursday evening we boarded the coaches at 6.30 p.m. suitably scrubbed up and dressed up.
On arrival to the Hacienda we were entered on a red carpet lit by flaming torches.

We were then served drinks and tasty snacks by ladies in colourful and traditional Spanish dress. This pre- supper time was accompanied by live acoustic guitar music.

Then it was time to go into the awards dinner. Set before the tables was a stage and two large screens. The superb AV team from Universal Live had moved the staging and kit from the Melia Conference hotel in Seville to the evening venue in just a couple of hours. That must have taken some organising! 01274 200292

Universal Live Technical event Solutions

Instead of the usual place names there were framed photographs of the dinner guests at each table. How Chris Lord - master photographer had time for all this as well as record all the events of the conference I know not.

We also saw a brilliant slide show at the awards ceremony by Chris plus some stunning photos of the special sites we had visited in the beautiful city of Seville.
Chris Lord Photography

Between the dinner courses were short speeches by the Esselte top management, inspiring stories of the work of the award winners, moving and genuinely humble acceptance speeches ( so often they mentioned their teams even when the award was for individual work) plus dancing from a flamenco dancer all rounded off with Esselte's very own rock band playing and dancing the night away.

Of course such an event as the Esselte Sales Conference can only work when all work as a team.
One of the teams who make it all work of course are event supremos Yes.
Some while ago Unipart motor spares had a slogan " The answer is Yes! Now what is the question?" Well Charlotte Hughes and her associate Nicola lived up to that challenge throughout the conference.The team at Yes who have won AWARDS 2004, 2007,2008, 2009 & 2010 - BEST EVENT MANAGEMENT AGENCY and get my vote for 2011

Yes - The total Event management Agency

I would also like to thank my TACK International colleagues including the ballistic Anna Marie Pepin, the multi lingual Jacobus Onneken, the creative Simon ( Picasso) Broom and the zestful and resilient Neil Parry.

Special thanks to my friend and colleague Simon Cooper and our ring master and master puppeteer TACK's Sales Director , Carole Hudson.

Modesty forbids me tell you which team won the TACK training award for the conference but I was privileged to facilitate the Conquistador team who lived up to their team name and conquered all before them at the finish! Of course it was the delegates who were the real heroes in the team- they lived up to their slogan - A PASSION TO WIN.

Once again team Esselte I and all my colleagues salute you. Well Done and good selling in 2011.

Some additional photos follow:-

Jacobus Onneken , TACK

Neil Parry, TACK

Anna-Marie Pepin, TACK

Sunset over the plaza de Espana view from the Melia Hotel
Not quite up to Chris Lord's photographic standards!

The river Guadalquivir and the Golden Tower

One of the tile displays from the plaza de Espana nearby to the Hotel Melia

Creative display typical of the interior of the Hotel Melia Seville - hotel with panache

Melia Hotel group

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