Monday, 3 January 2011

Aleksandr Orlov tours London part 1

Welcome to Blog site Fruitsofsuccesswithhugh. Mr. Appeal is still away on holidays. In his placings I , Aleksandr Orlov am editor of blog. Sergei my trusted assistant and companion manages the technologicals and type up my travel journal here in London.

London is old city like Moscow with many attractive sites. Here I visit Royal Arcade like GUM store in Moscow but smaller.

A new system of bike hirings available. These vehicles are known as "Boris Bikes" after Russian sounding named blond Mayor. He also to be seen riding his bikes around city.

If bike too slow for hectic tourists they can use time travelling T.A.R.D.I.S of Who Dr. who leaves his machine outside the metro tube station of the Court of Earls.

Here I am standing outside Royal St James Palace. London has many palaces for Royal persons and the Peoples. Peoples Palaces include the Palace of Crystal in Selhurst where they play football to Palace of Alexandra where early broadcast of BBC conducted.

London have many clubs for gentlemen and Ladies in this district. It sometimes called land of clubs. This brassing door number is for the Club Reform where inveterate traveller Fogg Phineas travelling round world in Eighty days in famous book also made into movie entertainment. No 104 in Pall Mall is exclusive address. Before Internet domains, postal address for snail mailings was indication of physical location. SW1 ( south West One) indicated to people posh address. Now with Internet you cannot tell. My business for examples is in city of Peterborough many miles from London.

London peoples very fond of animals. This square is called parade of guard of horses.

Here I am with smart guardian of horses. He nearly as smart as me in my tasteful dressing gowns and natty cravat.

In next part of journal I visit more famous London marks of land and enjoy traditional strange foamy barley water drink.

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