Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Another 5 selling tips from the 5-a-day programme

Sketch of Djibouti Determination
As the Paralympics 2012 festival continues, we see the tremendous mental strength of these elite athletes.

Of course we admire the medal winners but also cheer on efforts even of the last athlete.
One of the loudest and prolonged cheers were given to the only competitor from Djibouti to the games. despite an ankle injury, Hussain Omar Hassan  was determined to finish his 1500 metre heat.

Just like the Paralympians we in Selling have to exert maximum effort determined to reach our goal.

Here's Day 8 of the 5-a-day selling tips to go Click here for other 5-a-day to go selling tips

Sketch :Woman and machine - Hannah and 'Sally'

36.       Tailor the presentation to the buyer
  Make sure you are answering the question in their mind  WIIFM  "WHAT will it do for me?"
  Click here for examples of WIIFM

37.       Set fall-back objectives
    for suggestions of fall back objectives click here

38.       Try to pre-empt common objections
Click on this link for examples of how to


39.       Don’t criticise the clients' past decisions

Be careful of rubbishing a client's current 'old' product particularly if you are planning to replace it or upgrade it with your current offer. They might have been responsible for buying it originally.

40.   Structure your presentation  e.g. ABC  Attention Benefit Close

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