Monday, 3 September 2012

Selling Facts and Involvement lessons from the Paralympics and NASA

To the millions of viewers and arena spectators at the Paralympics there is quite a lot of Paralympic terminology to get your head around. The Classification system seems at first sight or hearing rather complicated with all those letters and numbers from Archery's ST, W1 and W2 to the Open and Quad classifications in Wheelchair Tennis.

 There have been for instance quite a number of 100m finals !

Sketch of Olympian Swimmer - London 2012

One of the communication challenges that Paralympics 2012 has is to keep the viewers interest and involvement in some sports which we are unfamiliar with, whose classifications are complex and whose novelty is not enough to sustain our interest of the eleven days of competition.

So Channel 4 TV and the BBC Sports 5 involve us through back stories of the athletes and the use of phone-in and twitter with the public along with the expert input by past paralympians and the brilliant skills of  anchor presenters Ade Adepitan, Clare Balding and Jon Snow.

Likewise in selling we have our own classification terminology and technical jargon that can confuse buyers much like viewers leaning about the elite sports mentioned above.

 So let's be inspired by the way the Paralympics communicate their sports and learn better ways to sell to our customers.

(Day 6 of our 5-a-day selling tips to go Click here for Other 5-a-day to go Selling Tips)

     31.       Keep looking for you appeal or ways to personalise the benefits of our offer for individual customers. Where appropriate gie them your back story - better still -find out about the buyers' back stories and relate your offer to them.

     32.      Avoid jargon. This one is easy to say but quite a challenge  to do in day to day business. 

We all get in to habits of a verbal shorthand which is fine if both parties understand it. 

But Buyers unfamiliar with jargon may feel embarrassed  about constantly asking for explanations in areas they are unfamiliar with or simply  become disinterested and 'switch off'.
Maybe as we are listening or watching the Paralympics sports programmes over this week, why not listen to how they tackle the jargon challenge in order  to give us ideas of how to adapt such approaches in our selling work.

Floral Cyclists Embankment Gardens
during London 2012

     33.       Spend an extra 30-60 minutes on territory per day.
Picture of Mars by NASA rover CURIOSITY August 2012

Even in this virtual world of the PC, Internet nothing beats our curiosity of the reality.

 For all the scientific analysis undertaken at distance, the space body NASA  have still considered it necessary to land a craft on Mars and send the rover  'curiosity' to get to know the territory of Mars better.

So it is on a  sales territory.

On the commercial battlefield time spent in reconnaissance is seldom waisted. You need to augment your intelligence with on the ground scouting.

     34.       Follow up enquiries promptly

This has always been important. Today it is even more so . Remember the customer's click on your website is where they see the enquiry cycle starting not when we click open the email, enquiry etc
     35.   Use attention getters effectively Click here for examples of attention getters

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