Monday, 17 September 2012

Biking to the Office and Working from Home One day

What keeps London Office workers happy at work ?

Apparently to a piece in last Friday's London Evening Standard, it’s one day a week working from home, a reliable Tube (underground rail) , a decent sandwich bar and pleasant rest rooms.

The commercial property specialists DeVono Property have just published a survey of 1,000 office workers in London. Among many interesting facts, it revealed what office workers want from their company’s office facilities. 

Over half the survey said they would choose having a gym or gym access as a perk or benefit beyond a games room or even a cafeteria.


Video clip on You Tube
47.5% said they would consider cycling to work if there was access to changing facilities and bike storage.

Working remotely from Home

On a course I was running in July this year for a major retail high street bank, the delegates told me about the working from home 'practise days ‘ that their bank were conducting ahead of the Olympics and Paralympics.

It seemed a little strange to me as a self-employed worker that rehearsal was necessary. However, I guess for organisations as large as a bank they need to test their computer systems etc.

Many Londoners have worked flexibly from home during the 2012 Games this summer.
 Home working

Q: “How many days per working week would you choose to work remotely from home?”
It appears that office workers really enjoy the interaction and buzz of being in an office.

What are your views about working from home? Please leave a comment - Thanks

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