Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wiff Waff , Ping Pong and Selling

Listening to an interview on Channel 4 TV with Table Tennis star  Will Bayley from Paralympics GB team  he said

"A Paralympic silver medal in table tennis is not an easy thing to achieve and I am proud of myself for that .
My coach said I should be proud of myself for working so hard six hours a day for the past six years and I have got to enjoy the moment because it doesn't happen often. “

Fortunately in Selling most of us get the opportunity to earn our medal more frequently than every 4 years, like the paralympians but  we could learn a thing or two from these elite sportspeople about PRACTISE.

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Sketch of Paralympian Table Tennis Star Bayley

    41.       Practise important presentations on a colleague. We may not be able to put in 6 hours a day like  Bayley but we need to set aside time to practise for a key presentation.


    42.        Make more calls in a day


    43.       Use the Pause and Reflect technique to assess yourself as if you were a coach. Before a call  - Pause -just run through in your mind your call structure and plan. After the call - REFLECT- what went well, what needs further work and what is the next step.
Bayley "Pauses and Reflects" . He is already looking to another big-stage appearance in Rio in four years time.
"I've come on a lot in the past four years. In Beijing ( 2008) I didn't make it out of my group and here (London 2012) I have won a silver medal. I am still young and I feel like I am good enough to win Paralympic gold but today just wasn't the day.

But I've trained as hard as anybody else in the world and that is why losing is so hard to take."

44.       Sell internally – practise good human relations with your colleagues and internal staff as well as your customers.

 Just consider how appreciative the paralympians are of their support group, such team colleagues, family, coaches, psychologists, nutritionists etc.

45.   Remember Buyers “likes and dislikes”

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