Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Bad Hair Days and selling image "Let us trim our hair in accordance with our Selling lifestyle"

As someone whose shares the hairstyle of the prophet Elisha , I am somewhat wary of proffering advice on matters coiffure. As  a young student I vainly wanted the long hair sung about in the rock musical "Hair".

The appearance of one's hair is  an important signal to others. Coco Chanel observed that

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

Sometimes the matter of hairstyle is not a question of personal choice. In North Korea 2014 hairstyles of students are dictated by the government. Only 18 styles for women after marriage ( less before marriage) are allowed.

For North Korean men 10 styles for are currently stipulated .  

The hair of the country's young men should be less than 5 cm long and they should have a haircut once every 15 days as longer hair apparently takes away nutrition from their brains.

 Older men, whose brains are presumably already rotting away anyway, are allowed  hair as long as 7 cm.The programme allows men aged over 50 seven centimetres of upper hair to cover balding. ( a redundant concession in my case !)

The edict stresses the "negative effects" of long hair on "human intelligence development", noting that long hair "consumes a great deal of nutrition" and could thus rob the brain of energy.

Men should get a haircut every 15 days, it recommends.

The TV campaign  is entitled “ Let us trim our hair in accordance with Socialist lifestyle.”

It got me wondering

 "What might be a Selling lifestyle hairstyle ?".

In the UK the comic character " Swiss Toni" comes too quickly to mind.

Charlie Higson’s character “ Swiss Toni” for  almost any situation in life he understood was  "like making love to a beautiful woman". Swiss Toni is usually depicted wearing a grey suit , pink tie with tie clip. His hair was exaggeratedly styled in a platinum blond bouffant quiff.

Searching on the web

Dave Alexander on suggests we consider practical recommendations depending on work environment such as whether we. work outside, undertake frequent  travel,

If you’re a business person “Stay away”  Mr. Alexander advises” from extreme styles and opt for something a bit more neutral -- especially if you are in a sales position or any type of job which requires you to deal with the public. A conservative investor may be put off by a broker with a Mohawk.”

What do you think dear readers ?  Care to comment ?

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