Friday, 28 March 2014

Mind your selling language - A treasury of Unbearable OFFICE JARGON -book review.

Title of Book:            Who touched base in my thought shower

Authors            Steven Poole

Publisher       Sceptre

ISBN               978-0-141-44245-7

 Rating 3 ***        Pearls of Wisdom

Genre:             Scathing  of Jargon , Bullshit Bingo Nominees,and Corporate-speak

Style:              Easy read

Contents page:       5 pages Chapters in alphabetical order

Index:           None see Contents

Flick through eye appeal:    Good flick through appeal. Good dip in type of book.

Time for a breather Stops :  Perfect for this. Take a break at each end of each chapter, .

Golden Nuggets:                 Robust, Drilling Down, Diarise, 

Topic Summary:         An set of funny explanations of modern office jargon. For those in Selling it might well warn us off those clichés, buzzwords and jargon that   contribute to Bullshit Bingo Words in our Selling pitches !

Illustration:               None                     


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