Friday, 21 March 2014

The Pocket Oracle and Art of Prudence Baltazar Gracian

Title of Book:    The Pocket Oracle and Art of Prudence

Authors            Baltazar Gracian       tr.Jeremy Robbins

Publisher       Penguin Classics  (2011)

ISBN               978-0-141-44245-7

 Rating 5 *****        Pearls of Wisdom

Genre:             Self Help Classic from 1547 Spain

Style:              Well written and easy to read ( thanks to the translator!)

Contents page:       300 short maxims

Index:           None but 12 pages of Contents

Flick through eye appeal:    Good flick through and dip-in appeal

Time for a breather Stops :  Perfect for this. Take a break at each end of each maxim, mark up with pencil and reflect - maybe create own index on back blank pages or inside covers.

Golden Nuggets:                  No. 150   Know how to sell your wares

Topic Summary:         Classic  book of wisdom from 1547 far too good and practical to be kept a secret by Academia

Illustration:               No visual – cartoons and photos  but each maxim conjures up a picture in your mind

Quotes:                                  Every page ( a trainer’s delight!)

Tips :                             

Dip into the meaty maxims straight away don’t be put off by the Chronology, Introduction and Translator's note .Don’t let those pages put you off. 

You can return to read those later.

 Have two bookmarks if you are reading the book in sequence. One for the part your are reading and one in the notes on pages113-122 . You can flick back and forth easier and not lose your place.

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