Thursday, 13 March 2014

Sellers need to know how to ask - Selling maxims from 17th Century Spain

The Art of Worldly Wisdom, by Balthasar Gracián 1647 contains some 300 maxims some of which are still relevant to professional selling in 2014. 

Below Gracián describes the skills of persistence, timing, thw effectiveness of corporate hospitality, closing and sales psychology some 400 years ago. 

No 3. Know how to Ask.

With some nothing easier: with others nothing so difficult.

For there are men who cannot refuse: with them no skill is required.

But with others their first word at all times is No; with them great art is required, and with all the propitious moment. Surprise them when in a pleasant mood, when a repast of body or soul has just left them refreshed, if only their shrewdness has not anticipated the cunning of the applicant.

The days of joy are the days of favour, for joy overflows from the inner man into the outward creation. It is no use applying when another has been refused, since the objection to a No has just been overcome.
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