Saturday, 15 March 2014

Sellers Don't overexplain

The Art of Worldly Wisdom, by Baltasar Gracián 1647 contains some 300 maxims some of which are still relevant to professional selling in 2014. 

Below Gracián describes the dangers of sellers talking too much. The value in scarcity, exclusivity, the importance of negotiating variables - the cost and value to both parties and hints at mass market followers before the product life cycle was common place.

No. 5 Do not Explain overmuch.

Most men do not esteem what they understand, and venerate what they do not see. 

To be valued things should cost dear: what is not understood becomes overrated. 

You have to appear wiser and more prudent than he requires with whom you deal, if you desire to give him a high opinion of you: yet in this there should be moderation and no excess. 

And though with sensible people common sense holds its own, with most men a little elaboration is necessary.

 Give them no time for blame: occupy them with understanding your drift. Many praise a thing without being able to tell why, if asked.

 The reason is that they venerate the unknown as a mystery, and praise it because they hear it praised.

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