Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Yoof only sell once YOSO#

Fellow Meerkats they usings to say that you don't get  second chances to make  first impression. But clearly that  as Sergei says  "old skool" now it's YOSO# apparently.

I.B.Youngnot aka Little Bogdan
Little Bogdan has now joined Meerkat sales team but has lots learning to. Here is first efforts reply email to procurement department of keys account client who had incorrect orderings. Bogdan selling under pseudonym  IBY

Hi M8S

Re: You only sell once  YOSO# ?

I feel so quiche right now in Sosh’ media selling ,life is like a big loliday.

Excuse my  persiflage WUBU2/Wyab ?

Soz about the cockup on UR order  no. AH7DEE 42– my bad !

In the kingdom of irrefutables,  forealism is king.

He maybe deflowered  but he is not devalued, forealismos.

As a gang of digidivas and  ebabes, hooked on emojiis like my other gorgeois punters wot U said to  R customer service team was unretweetable

Is my procrasturbating the best use of my selling talent ffs ?


IB Youngnot

Looking dope again and down with the kids

(Idea sparked off by Nimrod Kamer , Evening Standard Feature Friday 14th page 20)

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