Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Subtle Selling - go with the current

The world of the 17th Century Aragon is not far removed from 2014 as the writings of Baltasar Gracian attest.

One of the important skills of professional salespeople is to mix with and work with many different kinds of people.

The guidance of the Spaniard is worth noting.

In his maxim 77 * he encourages us to “know how to be all things to all people”.

He suggests we should be a ’discreet Proteus’ . ( Proteus was the Greek sea god who was able to change his form)

He continues

“... with the learned, learned
With the devout, the devout...

...It is a great art to win everyone over since similarity creates goodwill."

This he writes some 300 years before our modern era of the arts of psychology, NLP and social economics!

Gracian encourages his readers to ‘observe each person’s temperament and yours to it.’  He continues to suggest we ‘tune’ in the sense of musical tuning in order to achieve harmony. 

Gracian ?Geese 'going with the current' on 
the river Thames
 at Fulham- on which they are dependent
He illustrates ‘with the a serious or jovial person go with the current, undergoing a transformation that is politic and essential for those in dependency.

As salespeople we are dependent on buyers, decision influencers, gatekeepers and the like.
‘Such vital subtlety requires great ability’.  

This is a skill to perfect.

It is less difficult for the universal man (or woman) with their wide ranging intellect and taste."

Good subtle selling, my brothers and sisters. 

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